About Us

Are you passionate about gardening too? Then you’ve found your home.

Are you passionate about gardening too? Then you’ve found your home.

At Gardening Know How, whether you’re an apartment dweller with an affection for houseplants, a novice gardener putting in your first edible garden, or a master gardener wanting to learn about transforming your harvest into delicious meals, everyone is welcome here.

We know how dirt feels between our fingers, how thrilling it can be to see your first seedling or blossom of the year appear, and how good it tastes biting into that fresh fruit just picked from your very own garden. And because we’re gardeners too, our goal is simple:  we want to make sure you get to experience these moments as well!

More than anything, gardening is fun, and we want to help you garden happier!

What You’ll Find Here

Every year over 180 million gardening enthusiasts visit our site to find the information and inspiration they need to achieve the garden of their dreams. With over 14,000 articles and more being published every day, our main site is a virtual encyclopedia of gardening information.

Got a gardening question? Chances are we’ve got the answer. You can submit your questions and get expert advice on our questions & answers site, or browse the more than 65,000 questions we’ve answered so far.

On our blog site you’ll find the latest gardening hacks and DIY projects, garden tours and guest posts by gardening experts from around the world, along with weekly promotions, contests, and giveaways.

And coming soon, our learning platform where you can take a course on a wide range of subjects led by gardening experts from across the U.S. and around the world. Learn how to create a pollinator garden, a zero-waste kitchen garden, and more. Don’t want to miss any of this great content?

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Gardens for Good

Here at Gardening Know How, we aim to champion organizations that use gardening for good in their communities and schools. Each year, our School and Community Garden Sponsorship Program awards $1,000 each to 20 deserving programs across the U.S. and Canada. You can learn more about our program, read the inspiring stories of past years’ recipients or nominate an organization for this year’s awards here.

Meet the Team

Yes, we’re experts in digital advertising, publishing, marketing, and more, but before everything else, we’re gardeners. That’s why we’re so passionate about helping you with your garden. Collectively, we’ve gardened in every region in the U.S. and many parts of the world too. We have expertise in a wide range of topics, from creating native gardens and wildlife habitats to small-space urban gardening, houseplants, and more.

Coming soon, our team bio pages where you can get a peek at each of our gardens and learn more about the expertise we can share with you.

Until then, meet our team and learn more about Gardening Know How on our LinkedIn page.