Liz Baessler

Liz Baessler

Senior Editor

The only child of a horticulturist and an English teacher, Liz Baessler was destined to become a gardening editor. In 2007 she graduated cum laude from Brandeis University with a BA in English. In 2014 she earned an MA in English from l'Université de Genève in Geneva, Switzerland.

She began writing for Gardening Know How in 2015 and never left. Over the years she has been promoted through the ranks of the editorial staff, most recently to Senior Editor in 2020.

For years Liz lived in one apartment or another, doing all of her gardening in containers, community gardens, and holes in the sidewalk. She served for several years on the board of her community garden, where she also worked as a beekeeper. In 2017 she completed her Master Gardener certification at the University of Rhode Island, and attended every class offered by the Rhode Island Beekeepers Association.

Liz has since moved to a tiny patch of land she can call her own outside Boston, where she is systematically digging up the lawn and replacing it with vegetables and native pollinators.

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